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One thing I have no shortage of is opinions.  George Bush, Barack Obama, John McClain-yup, I have opinions about each man.  Afghanistan and Iraq, the Middle East, China, Pakistan, and the European Economic Union, ditto.  Mowing lawns, the internet, American Airlines-not just the airline that stranded me in New York in April, all airlines.

College sports, prescription drugs, tomatoes, vegans, San Francisco, and global warming. You face and my tube, or do I have that wrong?  Cell phones, the 2008 British Open without Tiger Woods.  Pat Sajak and Vanna White.  Want to know what I think?


The price of oil-don't get me started.  The absurd salaries of corporate CEO's.  Children starving in Africa (yeah, I did mean to place this items side by side).  60's music.  Jazz.  Standards.  Popcorn.  McDonald's French fries.  Health insurance.  Newspapers.  The rain forest.  Exercising and eating right.  Bottled water vs. tap.  Hybrid cars.  Geronimo.

My wife says my brain is full of facts that aren't worth much.


The Black Hills of South Dakota, and riding in a taxi in New York City.  Nebraska is not an intellectual wasteland.  Do ghost whisperers, dog whisperers, and horse whisperers have a convention?  Racism is big in small towns too.  Airport security.  Silky terriers-especially ones named Kahlua and Sophie.  The Christian right-or maybe not. The cost of a breakfast buffet in a New York hotel.  I probably forgot something.


I may be serious.  I may be funny.  I may be ironic.  I will speak out. Blogging is cheaper than a therapist.

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